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Yogiyskaya philosophy teaches us that nature provides each person physical machine adapted to meet his needs, and gives him the means allow to keep her in the manner and correct, if she comes in disorder due to his negligence and negligence Yogi looks at human body as a production higher Reason He sees in the body producing famous work machine, plan and device which indicates the greatest wisdom and to provide for its creator He recognizes that the body is obliged by the existence of higher intelligence, which Fails to appear through this body, as if a man operate in full compliance with the laws nature, he will not lose health and Fortress If it goes counter to them - the result is disharmony and disease Yogi smiling assumption that this higher mind creates the perfect the human body, and then throws it to fend for themselves, and he knows that Reason never ceases to operate each function our bodies, so that we may he trust

This Mind manifestation of which we call "Nature" or "life principle" always willing to fix caused damage, heal wounds, reconnect broken bones, regurgitate accumulated decomposition products in the body and Thousands of new ways to maintain serviceability and performance he created the machine

Many of those diseases that we call diseases neither more nor less than deeds provided us by nature to rid us from toxic substances, which we assumed penetrating into your body

acquaint ourselves as with the true value of our body Assume that the soul, the higher particle, eternal beginning, seeking temporary shelter, in which she could work this phase of its development Occultism teaches us that the soul needs a physical shell for the known forms of the manifestations Let us see what kind of requirements are for the spirit of this and how the shell satisfies their nature

First, the soul needs to be highly organized mental apparatus and central point where she could manage actions of the body Nature provides it such a device in the form of human brain capacity and opportunity further improvement is we only dimly imagine

part of the brain human consumption in this the degree of its development - only a small land occupied throughout this last area The remaining part of inaction expects further human evolution

Secondly, the soul organs needs to be prepared and held outside impressions Nature and meets this requirement, providing human eyes, ears, nose, body taste and sensitive nerve endings, we are palpable

It is without doubt holds ready the other senses, who will not hesitate to show up as only be felt in them the need

Third, necessary means of communication between brain and various parts of the body Nature miraculously entangled human body a complex network of nerves, which play the role telegraph wires

Brain wires by means of these wires orders all parts of the body and insists on their performance The brain receives telegraphic notices from all parts of the body, warning him of the danger, crying for help, bringing complaints and t d

Fourth, body must be capable of move in space It outgrown the stationary phase of development, inherent in the vegetable kingdom and feels the need to travel; it purports to capture the surrounding items and benefit from them Nature gave him limb muscles and ligaments, resulting in these limbs motion