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Healing stick - an important tool in the hands of a healer. If you are using it correctly, it will increase your energy and your ability as a healer. Healing stick not only transfers energy healer, but also protects it from unwanted contact with the patient's energy. Let us dwell on the fact that a healing stick, and how it works.

Classic Tibetan healing stick consists of 7 or 9 different stones. Each stone has its own characteristics and is associated with one of the five elements:

Transparent crystal (quartz) - Air;
Lapis (blue) - Air; 
Coral (orange - red) - Fire; 
Turquoise - water; 
Jasper - land;

Each chakra corresponds to a stone, and each chakra has its own color. Diseases are caused by a lack of good energy in the body, which means that the problem in one of the chakras.

   Disease can be treated properly by using a stone that matches the problem. But a stone is not strong enough, and if the problem is very serious, he may lose his energy and even collapse. Healing stick consists of several stones, and therefore has more power. Stick will never lose its color stones, and stones will never fall apart, what can happen if you use a single stone.

   There are many different types of treatment sticks of varying quality. At one end of the stick has a healing sharp tip. It consists of a crystal and is called the positive pole of the treatment wand, because it gives a positive (+) energy. At the top of the crystal energy is focused to a point and a maximum. At the other end of the stick has a ball of healing rose quartz (love), jade (light green, natural energy transfer) or transparent quartz (crystal). The ball corresponds to a negative (-) pole of the treatment wand.

Rod can have five different kinds of metals: gold, silver, brass, copper and iron. These metals combine a variety of stones from the positive pole. Go to the negative pole of a host joins only a stone. In therapeutic sticks of high quality stones are connected to each other is not metal, and large amber rod inside the.

Outside rod has a coverage. Originally, it is a mixture of coral, turquoise and rice powder with the resin of trees. First, a mixture of cooked thick paste which is applied to the rod, and after curing coating is fired and the engraving surface. Body of modern healing stick are manufactured from different material like fast-setting modeling paste, copper and silver pipes and very good material called orgonite. Orgonite has amazing healing properties.

If you frequently use healing stick, it is important to every two months, put it on one or more hours in the moonlight to charge it with energy. Never use healing stick for the jokes, the frivolous to.

Source: Book of Basu Bhout " Tibetan Healing Methods - Energy Himalayas " and Alexander Dhanvantree.

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