Tibetan dowble dorji crystal quartz healing stick

16h 36m
Double dorji healing stick
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unique Tibetan healing baton solid 8-coal solid central transparent quartz and rose quartz ball Length - 26.5 cm Between the ball and the center is rotating double kripstallom Dorji Central crystal has a copper coil 8 ohm Winding connections are made in the form of 2 copper rings at the ends of the crystal In baton used sdeduet stones: zvezchaty ruby, red coral, tiger eye, iolite, amethyst, 3 lunar stone and lapis lazuli stones 6 Stones placed on the body of the rod connected to the ball through Dorji and brass tubes At the front of the wand is a silver sun, which is also the conclusion of a copper coil and connect with her hidden golden wire

more whole crystal perpendicular arrangement Dorji, coil, tube and an original set of stones give incredible strength and power spectrum When rotating double Dorji creates a dynamic energy field

Healing sticks 55  coral 13  Amethyst 23  Moonstone 10  rose-quartz 8  Quartz 42  Dorji 8  doubledorji 1  Copper 13  iolite 10  star-ruby 2