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Ektsiklopediya stones :: Jade (Jadeite). Photo 1
Jade - the stone of strength and longevity

Color: green with various shades from light to dark, sometimes white, yellow, different variants of gray, blue, black

Mineral: crypto-crystalline variety of the amphibole group of minerals: actinolite and tremolite, a mineral with a matte surface fiber composition Chemical formula: Ca2Mg5 (OH) 2 (Si4O11) 2

origin of the name: Jade gets its name from the Greek "nefros" - "kidney" So he called in ancient times, because medium-sized pebbles of jade in appearance resembled a human kidney

Match Zodiac sign: Aquarius It is recommended to purchase white jade in the twenty-third day of the lunar month, black - in the twenty-fourth day, the blue - in the twenty-sixth day

From the history of rock Jade has been widely used since ancient times as the tools and instruments, and later began to make out of it and jewelery In Babylon and Sumer, he was considered a magical stone, according to legend, he wore a belt in the fertility goddess Ishtar In ancient China, jade represented the different virtues, it has been used in rituals to the gods of service Jade was carved throne of the Emperor of China, with a jade ware ate nobles, jade rings were a symbol of prestige Jade powder in China were treated many diseases Avicenna nephritis treated diseases of the stomach In Central Asia, the tomb of Tamerlane closes the tombstone of black and green jade, which was believed to protect it from desecration Jade melts with difficulty, acids do not act on it, it has high strength at break and abrasion resistance can not be In the shop of one of the Krupp factories in Germany tried to break the steam-hammer on the anvil block of jade, the attempt ended in the fact that under the blows of the hammer anvil broke into pieces, and a block remained intact Thin-fiber weave crystals make Jade twice stronger than steel Primitive people made of jade knives, axes, arrowheads and spears In China, jade was regarded as the national stone and valued so high that from it produced plaques that had circulated along with the coins, and the pair of plates of jade served as a passport for the envoys of the Emperor Above all valued the emerald-green jade There were times when for him to pay 1,000 gold rubles per kilogram In Russia in the nineteenth century of green jade government gave double weight of silver A huge statue of Buddha in China (6 m) was made of white jade In the tomb of Timur (Tamerlane) in the Gur-Emir Mausoleum in Samarkand tombstone is made of dark green jade This is perhaps the world's largest jade of this color In 1895, Chinese Embassy presented to Tsar Nicholas Field Marshal's baton 11 of jade in gold Jade has a high heat capacity Therefore, a piece of stone attached to the stomach area or near the kidneys, acts as a soft hot water bottle, relieves pain Jade has always seemed warm and pleasant to the touch

Medicinal properties: White Jade reduces renal colic and pain in the liver Sharpens the hearing and vision Red Jade regulates the heartbeat

Mystical Properties: Jade enhances strength, gives longevity, worn as a talisman wards off bad luck and misfortune, helping people to single White Jade - healing, shown in renal diseases Blue or green jade wins the evil man, makes change for the better

Source: Encyclopedia of stones