Lapis lazuli

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Lapis - "stone of heaven", a love charm

Color: dark blue with golden pyrite inclusions, creating the impression of stars in the blue sky Bright and sparkling in the sunlight lapis-lazuli is a dark and gloomy with candles and electric lighting

Mineral: sodium aluminum silicate, in which part of the Si atoms is replaced by sulfur atoms in the form of anion S3- The larger the anion S3-, the thicker blue lapis lazuli In its bright blue variety of sulfur reaches 0.7% The rock, which contains, besides lazurite, calcite, CaCO3, FeS2 pyrite and other minerals, is called "lapis lazuli" Lapis - a rather soft and brittle mineral that is easily processed and polished Chemical formula: 6Na (AlSiO4) TNa2S

Match Zodiac sign: Astrologers advised to wear jewelry made of lapis lazuli, people born under the sign of Libra, t to the effect of this was to soften the rock weakness, often inherent born under this sign - the lack of consistency, variability in friendship and love Born under the signs Cancer and Capricorn, it is not necessary to wear lapis lazuli

From the history of rock Two grand (five-meter) central columns of the iconostasis of St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg, made in 1854 from Badakhshan lazurite, purchased by Catherine II in the price of silver pound for pound stone In China, the balls were made of lapis lazuli for hats of mandarins as emblems of their power Statue of Egyptian pharaoh Tugmosa III was covered with lapis lazuli and gold: in ancient Egypt lapis lazuli was called "stone of heaven"
In the early XIX century pounded lapis lazuli was used as a pigment ultramarine Ultramarine was precious paint, it does not fade in the sun and was not afraid of moisture and fire The paint was considered indispensable in painting and staining of expensive clothes It was used Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti

Medicinal properties: Prevents attacks of sciatica, and asthma, doctors, women's blood drives insomnia Useful when tendency to allergic reactions The stone, with gold dots on the heals of internal ulcers Helps with nervous exhaustion, spinal diseases, back pain, hair loss Purifies the blood, sharpens vision It has a strong anti-inflammatory, Burns effect, analgesic properties for bruises Medieval doctors recommended to wear the necklace with lapis lazuli anemic people suffering from skin diseases, epilepsy and rheumatism

Mystical Properties: Lapis - "stone of heaven", a love charm

Deposits: lapis lazuli mines in Badakshan - the nearest to the border with Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, the area - more than 7000 years BC e were the only suppliers of the world's mineral In these mines the huge block of marble chip incorporating the clusters of crystals of lazurite Approaching kopyam lapis lazuli in the past century was punishable by death, and the miners themselves were glued to the walls of the mines with chains Lapis was considered a sacred stone, and they had a right to possess only the Emir
Lapis are only very high in the mountains In 1930, He was found in the Pamir Mountains at an altitude of 5000 m, near a mountain stream Lyadzhuar-Gifts ("river of lapis lazuli")

richest lapis lazuli of Afghanistan, CIS countries and Chile, although small deposits are known in the U.S., Canada, Africa, India, Burma, Korea

Source: Encyclopedia of stones