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The Moonstone. Photo 1

moonstone (adularia) - a rare mineral of potassium feldspars, low-temperature form of orthoclase The name given to a sparkling blue iridescence (iridescence), which is the cause of the structure of the mineral tonkoplastinchatoe The name "adularia" comes from the mountains Adula in Switzerland, where the crystals were first found this stone

Source: WIKI

Moonstone - a mascot born in the Moon

Color: mineral forms transparent prismatic or tabular crystals with a bluish-white, "lunar" surface shimmer Therefore, the moonstone is sometimes called the "fisheye" There are crystals and pale yellow Another name for the stone - Selenite

Mineral: type of K-feldspar - orthoclase, not having anything to do with the moon Chemical formula: K (AlSi3O8) - Potassium is alyumotrisilikat

origin of the name: The name given to a sparkling blue iridescence (iridescence)

Match Zodiac sign: According to ancient legend, moonstone - a stone of happiness and well-being of those who were born in June

From the history of rock of the Moonstone, there are many legends They say, for example, that on the surface appears white spot, growing to the extent that it increases the brightness of the moon to full moon At this time the stone returned to the magical powers By superstitious legend, moonstone embodies the positive properties of the moon and bring happiness to all who do not suffer from a painful reverie and capricious Its good to be people with strong character and intolerance The stone protects against epilepsy and other nervous transient attacks In the novel by Wilkie Collins 'The Moonstone' yellow diamond incorrectly called a moonstone

Medicinal properties: heals kidney disease Helps with nervous exhaustion It is recommended in paralysis, edema, blood diseases, insomnia, arthritis, fevers, infections, sepsis, asthma, diseases of the spine, chronic inflammation of the tonsils, fractures and inflammation of the bone, liver and biliary tract - acute and chronic, obstructive jaundice Protects from epilepsy and other nervous transient attacks

Mystical Properties: moonstone symbolizes the magical power of the lunar fields and is therefore considered most suitable for those born in the Moon

Fields: This mineral is extremely rare Crystals with high quality comes mainly from Sri Lanka

Source: Encyclopedia of stones