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Description of the mineral and its characteristics

name "smoky quartz" comes from an earlier name - "rauchtopaz" (from the German word much - smoke) Other names of the mineral and its variants: rauchtopaz, Morion, raccoon quartz kerngorm, smoky rock crystal, smoky topaz

Smoky quartz is a form of quartz Painting of the mineral is golden-brown, light gray, dark brown Glitter - Glass

Hardness - 7.0 and a density of - 2.5-2.6 g/cm3

main fields: the Swiss Alps, Spain (Cordoba), USA (Pais Mountain Peak in Colorado, Maine), Brazil (state Mnnas Gerais), Namibia, Madagascar, Japan, Germany (Bavaria) Russia (the Urals)

Curative Properties

believed to cure smoky quartz severe types of mental disorders: depression, obsessions, suicidal In order to cure these ills, the crystal must be carried and at the time of acute illness to compress it into a fist, mentally speaking to him for help The mineral helps to cope with diseases such as alcoholism, drug addiction It helps to easily quit smoking

Smoky quartz works on kundalini chakra, clears the mind, relieves internal systems

Magical Properties

In earlier times, smoky quartz is considered one of the most powerful dark stones People believed that the mineral is able to attract and retain in itself the most formidable forces of evil, so it is often used in the rituals of black magic With the help of a stone called necromancers spirits of the dead Warlocks through the crystal smoky quartz sends a spell on people, subjugated to their will Diviners and oracles meditating with the mineral and guessed the coming events In medieval manuscripts are described by various magical experiments that were carried out with smoky quartz With the stone alchemists tried to comprehend the mysteries of the universe, to decode the signals sent to Earth from Space In these books noted the danger of "dark" abilities stone The chroniclers claimed that smoky crystal (if used to harm people) can distort the picture of reality, to attract people to favor high-ranking officials, can not even subdue his owner forces of evil that are concentrated in a stone during a session of black magic

Smoky quartz, if his energy and ability to pay the benefit, it activates the primitive instincts of man, makes it more viable, persistent, courageous, able to overcome any obstacle It makes its wearer sexually active, cheerful, indefatigable in the work

Astrologers believe that as a decoration articles of smoky quartz to be worn only to people born under the signs of Libra, Scorpio All other signs of the zodiac to wear this stone should not be - you can only use it for medicinal purposes and for the development of creative imagination Contraindicated wear it Cancers

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