Magic Wands


Magic Wand - a small rod of metal, wood, crystal or other material, which has magical properties

Magic Wand tool is the magic influence, and often acts as an amplifier of probability Good wands are often increase the probability of desired events up to 100% In other words, a magic wand - a power of thought In general, each treatment, or a magic wand - a kind of magic wand And, in turn, each wand can act as a curative or magic wand The essence of a - a lot of names In some cases, you can buy a magic wand and make the best custom-master The result in each case is individual and depends on many factors, including the principal - the possession of the necessary skills and ability to use the magic wand

As in the case of medicinal and magical wands, at a certain level of human need for a magic wand disappears - the man himself, without any tools learns to cope with energies