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Fairy Crystal wand
Crystal wand
Rating: 1d
The magic wand of mahogany with amethyst and amethyst ball
Violet wand
Rating: 22h 34m
Pilot Rod
Pilot Rod "Tesla"
Rating: 17h 33m
Merkaba magic wand
Merkaba magic wand
Rating: 13h 11m
Rating: 11h 4m
Jade Tibetan healing stick
Jade healing stick
Rating: 8h 17m
Reiki treatment
What is Reiki?
Rating: 7h 3m
Their most small healing stick
Micro - Rod
Rating: 3h 9m
Hatha yoga
Hatha yoga
Rating: 2h 49m
Rating: 1h 30m
Rating: 49m

First of all, Tibetan healing wands are designed for those who want to become a healer. You can treat yourself or help others. If you want to become a healer and treat other people, it's good to start with yourself. But to become a healer, you need to not only develop their healing abilities, but also to the spiritual life. Develop a love for other people. In order to develop a spiritual life, using different types of meditation, which are listed on this site. It may take a while, but it's worth it. When you successfully heal yourself, you will be able to help other. In turn, giving healing energy to others, you will develop it in yourself.

The first step is to understand why people get sick. In this life, everything is energy. Energy - is the vibration. Everything you see around you - these are different forms of energy at different frequencies of vibration. Everything you see around you, whether you like it or not, set up your own mind. This process continues all the time. Positive thinking makes your life brighter and more radiant. It brings you health. If you have a negative mindset, and your life you will fill with uncontrollable emotion, it is likely that some chakras are blocked or locked, and this will lead eventually to some kind of health problems. The main problem is that people tend to think in patterns, which can not change yourself. This leads to the fact that lack of energy caused by their negative thoughts and emotions, over time, will only grow. What begins as a harmless illness increases and eventually grows serious illness.

Healer problem is to change the negative energy of the patient. Only then will the patient be able to get rid of the disease. But it's much better if the patient can change his style of thinking in a more positive and spiritual way to prevent disease in the future. That is why the healer must be a good example of his spiritual life.

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